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Professional deck restoration services

Deck restoration is your solution to some much-deserved peace this summer. The presence of a well-maintained deck can significantly raise the value of your home, meaning it can pay for itself over time. In addition, you can count on receiving a flawless new look. We cover the full cycle of wood restoration and provide a deck restoration plan perfectly tailored to your needs. Our team will wash out any dirt and stains, carefully sand down the surface, and apply stain or sealant to protect against future damage.

Benefits Of Our Marlboro Deck Restoration Services

Keeping a wood deck in top shape requires high-quality materials and equipment. We exclusively use the best tools and materials on the market.

You can save loads of money on costly repairs if you opt for regular deck maintenance, cleaning, and coating. Of course, our team is also able to provide top repairing services to restore your deck’s prime shape.

Wood is a little pretentious compared to other materials, so we’ll schedule the deck restoration cleaning, repairing, old stain removal, and maintenance only when the weather is friendly.

The Process and Benefits of Deck Restoration

As decks are exposed to outdoor elements and seasonal changes, they require maintenance to keep them looking their best and increase their longevity. Over time, a deck can become weathered, faded, and damaged due to exposure to sun, rain, and snow. Power washing, services, sanding, and staining or sealing are excellent ways to combat the deterioration of any deck.

Power Washing

Power washing uses high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew and other debris from a deck’s surface. As it removes these substances, it will remove any existing stains or sealants with its full steam of water. Done correctly, it prepares the deck for sanding and staining.


Sanding removes the top layer of wood from a deck. It is necessary to smooth out rough spots and remove splinters. In addition, it removes any remaining stains or sealers that were not removed during power washing.

Staining and Sealing

Staining or sealing a deck is the final step in the restoration process. Staining or sealing protects the wood from the elements and restores its natural color and beauty. Stains and sealers penetrate the wood creating a barrier against moisture and UV rays.

This prevents the wood from cracking, fading and warping. Stains also enhance the natural grain and color of the wood, adding beauty and value to the deck.

Restoring a deck by combining power washing services, sanding, and staining or sealing has excellent benefits. Therefore, perhaps it’s time you consider a deck restoration to bring back your decks beauty and extend its life. Contact Eposta today to learn more about our deck restoration services in Marlboro, NJ, Monmouth County and beyond.

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Frequently Asked
Deck Restoration Questions

Yes, our company is fully licensed and insured, and the certificate can be provided upon your request.

Waterproofing wood and masonry will not only prevent it from moisture damage, but it also protect it from UV rays, humidity, frost and damage. Waterproofing wood and masonry will not complete make it will length its lifespan.

We use Premium oil and water based seal and stain.

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Neal Ruda

Deck Restoration Marlboro

This is a high quality company. We used them to sand and stain our deck and they did a fabulous deck restoration job. Very professional, helpful with suggestions and just a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend using Eposta !

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Luciano Paone

Deck Restoration In Marlboro

Very prompt and professional. Andrew was equipped with a complete full service house detailing system. I was impressed with the house and deck restoration results!! House and deck came put looking and smelling clean ! Thanks again!

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Susan Brogan

Deck Restoration Marlboro NJ

Just used this company to clean and stain my deck. They did a great deck restoration job and were very easy to deal with. Would definitely use them again.

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